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  kopfdotdk - the introduction
"What are our emotional ties to designed objects? Is there now a need for more innovation in the world of designed objects? What roles should design and designers look to play in the future of designed objects?"
(Mark Illman, Emotion innovation and transformation, Notes, 1999)

There are no ultimate right or wrong answers to design problems. It is a matter of approaching a problem from different angles, turning it over, doing it again - and again… The solution to a problem all depends on which and how many angles one chooses to address the initial problem from and what intentions one had while doing so. Kopfdotdk is a network based digital design and consulting company devoted to the development of concepts and products that from their core radiate our focal points: creativity, user congeniality, environmental responsibility and desirability - coming together in a glowing solutions.
Engaged in a dialogue with Mark Illman, we might answer him:
"Ideally those of devotion, need and pride! Definitely! The ever growing omnipresence of designs and their effect on the lives of people to whom they are the surroundings and (re)definition of abilities, makes designers influential and responsible figures to whom empathy, love and engagement will be essential qualities!"
(Theis Barenkopf Dinesen, 2002)